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Obtain your logo through an affordable logo design competition

Imagine you are going to start a company, foundation or project within the EU. Then you have probably read extensively in all the rules at the local chamber of commerce. Of course, a good name is vital and you and your colleagues must have spent weeks working on a suitable name for the new company or project. Money for investments is no longer a problem and it seems that you can really start. In good spirits you find a nice domain name and you decide to claim it. Everything indicates that you are ready for business. But then you suddenly find out that you forgot something important. You do not yet have a suitable logo and corporate identity. It may seem like a minor detail now, but it will probably become your signmark for your business within your own country, the EU or even outside it. Enough reasons to sit down and not just settle for a very first design. But where do you find a good logo designer? If you search for a while, you’ll probably find an independent designer or specialized graphic design agency that is able to design an acceptable logo for your company. But why would you settle for an acceptable logo design, when you can have a truly great one? You can have your logo designed in a real logo design competition, where several designers compete for the best design. Apart from a great result, this is also a very affordable way to get a suitable logo. Do you want to know more about starting a logo design competition for your company in the EU or beyond? Then click on the button below.

Logo contests in other languages and countries

Are you looking for logo competitions in other languages or countries, you might find them below:

  1. Logo contests in Holland: goedkoop een logo laten ontwerpen
  2. Logo contests in Belgium: logo wedstrijd in België
  3. Logo contests in Germany: Logo Design Wettbewerb

Alternative for a single designer: a corporate identity or logo design Contest

In addition to searching for a designer on an online platform, it is also possible to obtain a logo, business card or corporate identity design during a so-called graphic design competition. Via the web link below you will find information about starting an online corporate identity, business card or logo contest.

Immediately engage a designer for your logo, corporate identity or other design assignment

There are several reasons why you would want to use a professional designer. A good design can give your new company a huge boost and shows what you stand for. The big question is just how to get a good yet affordable designer? Nowadays it has become easier and easier to find a good designer online. Via this page you can quickly find a designer or start your own corporate identity or logo design contest.

Logo Contest: Business Card Design

Details can be important when starting a new business. And that certainly also applies to the business card. Therefore, do not take any risks and have your business cards designed by a professional designer. Check out below options for starting a business card graphic design contest or finding a business card designer.

Logo contest: complete Corporate Identity

It is an important part of your company: the corporate identity. It is not just something that you will adjust every year. All the more reason to opt for a professional design by a professional designer. For this you can search locally and a designer or you can search for an online design platform where you directly select a designer or organize a corporate identity design competition. View how the latter works via the green button below.

Personal Profile Picture design contest

In order to improve your personal branding, you can choose to have your own personal profile picture designed. Make sure that everybody recognises you on social media. This way you will be able to maximize your impact in a very creative way. It’s possible to have your personal profile picture designed in the same way as your logo: through a personal picture design contest.

NFT logo design competition

Nft’s or Non Fungible Tokens are becoming more popular every day. Through a blockchain construction unique digital items are connected to a specific account in a way that everybody can find out who the owner is of that item. A logo can also become an nft. Would you like to have your logo designed and transformed into an nft? Then why not achieve this by starting your very own nft logo design competition?

Logo NFT marketplace

NFT marketplaces are booming. Here you may be able to buy all sorts of unique digital content. From art to weird photos to nicely designed logos, NFT’s are here to stay. So if you are looking for a unique logo that you will be able to use for whatever you like, it might be wise to check out a logo NFT marketplace.