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Start your own logo design competition and create an Non-Fungible Token.

Start your very ownNFT LOGO design competition

With the rise of Bitcoin, a whole new era started, as it were. The underlying Blockchain technology had a huge impact on our daily lives. Many young people invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but this technology is also already being used extensively in logistics processes, for example. Related to the Blockchain revolution is the rise of the so-called nft marketplaces. By recording the ownership of these non-fungible tokens in a blockchain, a process is created that can easily be applied in, for example, an online marketplace. In principle, an NFT can be made of every unique digital item, so also of, for example, a logo. Are you also looking for a new logo for, for example, your company and do you want to turn this logo into an NFT, perhaps you can do this via the design contest platform below. Here you can run a logo contest and have it converted to an NFT.